The “why” of Dragonwing girlgear.

kickstart_bannerPeople often ask me why I am so passionate about sports and girls and I have a simple, important reason – we need this generation of girls, now more than ever, to reach their potential.  Sports participation at any level is one path to actualizing potential –it is established and proven – we don’t need to create a new program or study its benefits.  But social expectations and social media are getting in the way of girls.  When I realized “the underwear experience” could have an impact, I had an aha moment that I could do something about it.

Let’s take Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid.  On one level of the pyramid is community or village – we all know and accept that it takes a village to grow a strong confident girl.  We are happier with friends, family, a team, a tribe.  Belonging is important.   Connections give life meaning (Brene Brown).  Sports provide a natural community.

The next level of the pyramid is self-esteem.  Sports build self-esteem in so many ways, such as setting and achieving goals, graciously winning, building resilience, pushing your comfort zone for what you think you can do and then exceeding it – just to name a few. For more on this, check out this TedEx talk by Alisa Herr.

Unfortunately, feelings about breast development are a top reason girls drop out of sports.  According to a recent study in the Journal of Adolescent Health, “three quarters of school-aged girls report breast-related concerns regarding exercise and sports.”   75%!!!  That’s just not acceptable.  Starting and normalizing conversation about body changes can improve this.  Sports programs frequently recommend protective gear for boys, like cups, or compression shorts, but there is no comparable list recommended for girls. At Dragonwing girlgear, we provide girls that list and more.

Having an excellent-fitting, high-performance sports top – whether it is a bra, cami or thermal tee-shirt, that is designed especially for the athletic girl’s figure, can eliminate worries about underwear malfunction.  Embarrassment about changing bodies can alleviate concerns about body image.  At Dragonwing, we strive to free up emotional energy– so girls can focus on their game – and everything else they want to achieve… because when girls are confident, the possibilities are endless.




Stock up on Summer Camp Essentials

Summer Camp Essentials to Pack for Active Girl

Is your sports girl heading off to camp this summer? Dragonwing makes packing for summer camp easy!

Stock up on essential base layers that will keep her comfortable, cool, and confident all summer long.

• four-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric for a cool, perfect fit
anti-microbial & odor resistant even in hot, humid weather
• tag-free design and flat seams for chafe-free comfort
• smooth, light support shorts & leggings with a wedgie-free fit
• fun, stylish, age-appropriate designs for girls, ages 8-17

Whether she’s at day camp, a week-long sports camp, or overnight camp for a month (or more!), Dragonwing will provide comfort, coverage (especially helpful for changing in cabins or locker room), and style. Some of our favorites with tweens and teens:

HALF-TEE SPORTS TOP: ideal for girls who comfort and coverage, the Half-Tee great under tees, tank tops, and jerseys every day.

Half Tee Sports Top for girls great first bra

RACER SPORTS BRA: our best-selling girls’ sports bra, the Racer’s super fine yarn and double-layered coverage ensures support, comfort, and coverage.

Racer sports bra for teen, tween girl


UN-DEE LIGHT COMPRESSION SPANDEX SHORTS: super comfortable with a wedgie-free fit, the Un-Dee comes in three styles: low-rise, mini (3″ inseam), and regular (5.5″ inseam). Lots of great colors, too!


Un-Dee compression Spandex shorts for girls in 3 styles

Dragonwing shorts in Singapore!

We love to see what girls do in their Dragonwing girlgear! Sue tagged us on Instagram today with a couple of photos showing her daughter Courtney rock climbing in Singapore in her Un-Dee Light Compression Shorts.

Tag us or send us a photo of what you do in your Dragonwing girlgear, and we may feature you here and/or in our social media.


Dragonwing in Singapore! Thanks for sharing @kiwichic68! #rockclimbing #ClimbLikeAGirl #compressionshorts

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According to comments from a fellow Dragonwing girl, our compression shorts are “awesome climbing gear!” What makes Dragonwing compression shorts so great for tween and teen sports girls?

– designed and sized just for girls
– wedgie-free fit
– four-way stretch
– mesh panels keep girls cool under uniforms of all kinds
– available in 5.5″ inseam (conforms with soccer regulations) and 3″ Mini Short

compression shorts for tween teen girls


5 Tips for the Best-Fitting Sports Wear for Girls

Tips for the best fitting athletic wear for girlsSpring sports season is just around the corner, and that means stocking up on clothes for practices and games. Your child has likely grown since last year – or even last month! – so clothes that fit then won’t fit now.

Like most tween and teen girls, your daughter’s body may be changing and developing. Research shows that girls enter puberty significantly earlier than 15 years ago. More than 20% of girls in 3rd grade have started to develop breasts. Of course, many girls don’t begin until their teens.

What a girl wears under her uniform can give her the confidence to play her best. Base layers (aka “undergarments”) that are comfortable and provide appropriate support and coverage empower girls to play the sports they love without being distracted by droopy straps, shirts that ride up their bellies, or bunching shorts (the dreaded wedgie!).

Follow these tips to get the best fit for your daughter:

Should be easy, right? But lots of base layers, like compression shorts, are designed for boys or unisex. The selection of sports bras for girls can be limited, even in so-called sports stores, so you end up looking for XXS in women’s.

Girls of the same age come in different sizes and shapes, so don’t automatically buy Size 10 just because she’s turned 10. If you’re buying online, take a minute to measure and check the size chart. Next to our size chart, you’ll also find a short video about how to get the best fit. If trying on clothes at a store isn’t an option, check the return policy so you can exchange if the size isn’t right when you get home.

While your daughter may not need a sports bra for support, she may appreciate the coverage – and comfort – that it or a sports camisole provides under her jersey or uniform. Similarly, compression shorts provide coverage and a smooth, wedgie-free layer especially under white shorts, skirts, and uniforms.

Look for soft, smooth fabric (not cotton) with four-way stretch that moves when she moves and wicks moisture so she can stay cool even when working up a sweat. Tug and stretch to check if the item will hold up to a season of wear. That inexpensive cotton bra or cami isn’t a great value if it loses its shape or the straps break after 2 or 3 washes.

A girl’s sports bra or camisole should be snug but not tight. It should move when she moves but not ride up when she throws a ball, grabs a rebound, or runs the field. Look for a seamless, tag-free design so there’s no irritation or chafing.

At Dragonwing, the highest compliment we get is when girls say that our clothing is so comfortable that they don’t even know it’s there. That means they’re focusing on playing the sports they love. What more could a Sports Mom hope for?!

* * * * * * *
A slightly revised version of this post originally appeared on The Sports Mom Survival Guide, a terrific resource for parents. Subscribe to their weekly email to get great tips, recipes, and life to make your life as a Sports Mom or Dad easier. They’re hosting a raffle for a $50 gift card for Dragonwing (deadline Feb. 9, 2015).



Hey Santa, Here are Gifts that Sports Girls Want!

Dragonwing girls Emma and Montgomery show Santa how to stuff a stocking with great sports apparel for all the girls on his — and YOUR — list!

Racer and Keyhole sports bras for girls
: Super soft, great support, seamless and tag-free. Great under sports uniforms or everyday clothes. Perfect as a girl’s first bra, too.

Un-Dee Light Compression Shorts: Coverage and comfort under a sports uniform, wedgie-free fit means no tugging or bunching. Available in great colors!

Un-Tee Sports Cami:  Girls sports camisole with great fit in 8 terrific colors. Shelf bra provides light support and coverage for tweens and teens.

Chill Weight leggings and long-sleeve tee: Stay warm and dry this winter in these great base layers. Soft brushed inside and moisture-wicking fabric that’s made from recycled plastic bottles! Top details include thumb hole so sleeves stay in place and wrist wipe so face and nose stay dry. Leggings available in long and capri length. What sports girl needs “armour” when she can have Dragonwing?!

Order by December 12 for Christmas delivery with FREE regular shipping (US orders only). See shipping info for more details.


Play Wedgie-Free & Without Distraction

Monica watched her 10-year old granddaughter on the softball field as she adjusted her uniform again and again, tugging at the bulky compression shorts that were bunching up under her uniform. The girl glanced around self-consciously each time to see if anyone noticed.

“She was totally distracted by those shorts that just didn’t fit properly,” Monica told us a couple of weeks after buying a pair of our Un-Dee Light Compression Shorts. Since she started wearing Dragonwing’s spandex shorts under her softball pants, Monica’s granddaughter “hasn’t picked a wedgie!”

Review: girls spandex compression shorts

That’s our goal: empower girls to play — and be — their best without being distracted by sports apparel that doesn’t fit properly.

Monica’s granddaughter loves the way her compression shorts fit: stretchy enough to move with her but not bulky like her old shorts from a big-box store. And the mesh side panels and moisture-wicking fabric meant she stayed cool under her uniform.

Now whenever they see another softball player tugging at her pants and picking at a wedgie, Monica and her granddaughter say, “That girl needs Dragonwing!”

Getting Girls Off the Sidelines & Into the Game

With much of the world’s eyes and screens tuned in to the World Cup, Wall St. Journal reporter Patricia Kowsmann wrote powerfully about how girls in Brazil are often left on the soccer sidelines.

Her personal story of being bullied as a young girl for wearing boys’ soccer cleats really hit home for me. It touched at the core of why I started Dragonwing girlgear.

The sad truth is that, for most girls who play sports, the only high quality clothing — that wicks moisture and doesn’t chafe — is found in the boys’ section. Or the women’s section where sports bras don’t fit girls.

All too often, girls are forced to choose between the right gear for their sport OR lower-quality apparel — like a cotton bralette — that isn’t designed for playing sports.

Girls who play sports aren’t “tomboys;” they’re athletes and deserve to have comfortable, supportive clothing — sports camis, compression shorts, and sports bras — that helps girls play their best. That’s what we do every day at Dragonwing girlgear.




4 Tips Every Young Athlete Should Know for Staying Hydrated

After a long, cold winter just about everywhere in the US, what a relief it is to have warmer weather and longer days. Practices and games that occur during the heat of the day can bring the risk of dehydration, especially for young athletes.

Staying hydrated can help athletes feel and play their best. The U.S. Soccer Federation uses the acronym GOAL for its recommendations for youth athletes, parents, and coaches.

Get acclimated: Young athletes especially need to give their bodies time to adjust to higher, more humid temperatures. Wearing shorts, tops, and sports bras made of moisture-wicking fabric (not cotton) helps your body cool itself.

On-schedule drinking: Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Increase how much you drink throughout the day, every day. Develop the habit of drinking a glass of water before you go to bed or when you get up in the morning. And be sure to drink before practice or a game, too.

Always bring a drink to practices and games. Stay away from caffeinated, so-called “energy” drinks that can cause health problems, especially in young people. To replace electrolytes after you finish playing, try chocolate milk, V-8 juice, or 100% fruit juice, which contains more carbohydrates, potassium, and nutrients than a sports drink

Learn the signs of dehydration: dizziness, nausea, chills, and unusual fatigue. If you experience any of these, stop playing, move to a cooler location, drink fluids, and – most importantly – notify a coach, parent, or other adult.

What you wear can help keep you cool, too. Dragonwing girlgear is made from fabric that wicks moisture so your body stays cooler. Check out our new Mesh Racer Sports Bra and Un-Dee Light Compression Shorts.

January 24: Happy Birthday, Mary Lou Retton!

Happy birthday to Italian-American Mary Lou Retton, the first female gymnast from outside of Eastern Europe to win an Olympic gold medal in the all-around event (1984 Olympics). Besides four other Olympic medals- two silver and two bronze- Retton is also a two-time American Cup winner and a 1997 International Gymnastics Hall of Fame inductee.