Sideline Chatter: Un-Dee

Who is Un-Dee™ for?

Un-Dee™ light compression shorts are designed specifically for pre-teen and teen girls who play sports.

Sporty girls love the breathable, wide mesh side panels (and wedgie-free fit). The longer length stays perfectly in place—so there’s no need for pulling and tugging. Plus, (maybe best of all) Un-Dee™ hides anything potentially visible through white and light-colored uniforms shorts.

What is Un-Dee™ for?

Un-Dee™ is for wearing under girls’ sports uniforms.  It’s perfect for soccer, basketball,
field hockey,
lacrosse, cross-country skiing, crewing—any sport where girls want to focus completely on their game.

Sideline Chatter: Un-Tee

Who is Un-Tee™ for?

Un-Tee™ camis are designed specifically for tween to teen girls (though some moms have been know to ‘borrow’ them!)

It has a stretchy, freeing feel. It’s tag-free. Its soft elastic shelf-bra offers modesty, support and comfort. Plus, both outer and inner layers wick moisture for quick-dry comfort. And the wide stretch-fabric straps relieve pressure on shoulders for a secure, non-binding fit.

What is Un-Tee™ for?

It’s the perfect athletic apparel for all sporting activities—and even great for more relaxed activities.

Wear it under your uniform for soccer, basketball, baseball, Badminton, bicycling, volleyball, tennis, field hockey, rowing, horseback riding, lacrosse, skating, skiing, and much more.