Dragonwing Girlgear is a company that strives to empower tween and teen girls who compete in athletics. Our sports bras, spandex, leggings, and tops fit and do not slip or tug. Because of our clothing, not only can girls compete to the best of their ability, but they can also compete with confidence and focused determination. The purpose of this page is to provide the athletes that buy our clothes with other helpful tools to empower them to perform. Enjoy!

1. A water bottle

Hydration is key, and having a good water bottle to always bring around with you will make it easy for you to keep drinking throughout your day or workout.


2. Snacks for before and after practices or games

When you’re going straight from school to practice and you need a quick snack to get ready to work out, protein bars are the way to go.



3. Drinks for after workouts

Gatorade is so helpful for replenishing electrolytes after a practice or game.


4. A frog tog

Especially in the summer, the heat can be one of the greatest challenges an athlete can face. So when you’re spending a day in the sun, bring along a frog tog in a cooler and use it to cool off.

5. Sunscreen

Sunscreen’s an obvious essential for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors, so for you athletes and you parents as well, make sure you have sunscreen on hand to stay protected.

6. Folding Chair and Thermacell

For the parents of our athletes, get yourself a comfortable and practical folding chair to bring to competitions. We also recommend a Thermacell mosquito repellent to keep the bugs away. Check out our recent post about these essentials and enter Thermacell’s giveaway!