Girl’s Keyhole Bra = Comfort, Confidence

review Dragonwing sports bra: fashionable comfort for young girlWe know that girls of all ages come in all shapes and sizes. And we know that girls love to play, whether on the playground or on a competitive playing field. Sadly and far too often, girls drop out of sports and start becoming less active when their bodies start to develop.

In a recent review of our Keyhole Sports Bra, blogger Chloe M. recounted her young daughter’s experience:

My little 8-year-old loves her sports… however, her weight, size, and now developing body was making it hard for her to be comfortable when she played.
The Keyhole Sports Bra changed everything and provided her with fashionable comfort for everyday use.


The first day she wore the new bra she said she felt like she was years younger again. No discomfort.


Her friends in the locker room even commented on how cute it looked and asked where to get one.


We LOVE hearing how Dragonwing girlgear boosts girls’ confidence, empowering them to be the strong, active, fun-loving kids they are! Read Chloe’s full review on her blog, Reviews by Clo.

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Inspiration & Fun with Girls on the Run

Smiles, cheers, hugs for active girls, young, tween & teenIf it were possible to capture the positive energy, strength, and inspiration at the Girls on the Run 5K last weekend, we could fuel the world forever!

The 5K was the culminating event of the year for more than 800 girls who’ve participated in Girls on the Run this year. Nearly 2,500 runners participated — girls, volunteer coaches, family members of all ages, and runners from the greater Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill community.

Dragonwing was proud to be one of the event sponsors. As I’ve said before, we love to partner with other girl-centered organizations and businesses. And GOTR, which shares our mission of empowering girls through sports and an active lifestyle, is a natural partner.

Dragonwing athletic wear clothing for active girls at Girls on the Run 5KAt the post-race Family Festival, we met dozens of girls of all ages — young, tween, and teen — who stopped by our table to check out our sports apparel designed just for active girls. Our  sports bras and  camisole tank tops were very popular, especially now that warmer weather has arrived. And our colorful  braided headbands were practically flying off the table!



We Love Girls on the Run!

One of the great joys of growing Dragonwing girlgear is the opportunity to connect with other girl-focused business and organizations.

Girls on the Run, a fabulous organization that shares our mission of empowering girls through sports and an active lifestyle, is a perfect example. GOTR’s mission is to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”

Girls on the Run: empower girls through sports

We’re proud sponsors of GOTR of the Triangle’s 5K Race next weekend, just down the road in Durham, NC. We’re looking forward to meeting lots of active girls, their volunteer coaches, and family members at the post-race Family Festival. When girls and parents visit our booths at tournaments and races, we learn firsthand about their needs and wishes for athletic undergarments and sports wear — features that we put into every item we sell:

– fabrics that are truly wicking and designed for the sports girls play;

– comfort, fit, and styles made just for tween and teen girls;

– bras that fit snugly and don’t bind or ride up;

– wedgie-free compression shorts that are perfect under uniforms.

If you’re at the GOTR 5K race on Saturday, April 11, please stop by our booth — right next to the flag pole — and say hello!

Visit Dragonwing girlgear at GOTR 5K run in Durham