Tween Confidence-Boosting Sports Bra

You’ve heard me  say that our mission is to empower girls to play — and be — their best, with freedom and without distraction.

The notion of girls being able to move freely without being self-conscious or distracted by their clothing is simple and yet oh-so-powerful.

Robyn, mother of soccer-playing girls ages 8 and 11, wrote to share her — and her older daughter’s — delight with our Keyhole Sports Bra. Her daughter didn’t like the tight fit of other sports bras, especially under her arms. They selected the Keyhole because its design allows for more arm movement, the fit is snug, not tight, and the fabric is super soft and stretchy.

A winning combination, as Robyn wrote:

Sports Bra so comfortable tween forgot she had it on., Mom review


Before ordering, Robyn checked our size chart and double-checked her selection with us, just to be sure she’d get the right fit. And she did!

We offer free shipping on every order, including for returns and exchanges, to ensure that girls get the right size and perfect fit.





Sweet Senior Soccer Season

girls high school soccer teamSpring soccer has started for Dragonwing ambassador Emma, and wow, is she excited! In her recent blog post — complete with ALL CAPS and 4 exclamation points!!!! — she recounts the somewhat surreal feelings of the spring semester of senior year.

Senior night will be for me.  It’s my last year in the CA jersey. Whaat.

Despite twinges of nervousness after not playing for 10 months — “I had no idea how good or bad I would be getting back into it” — her overwhelming feeling was how much she loves the sport and the competition.

Emma has high hopes for the team’s season. “I think our team is pretty stacked, and I personally believe a state championship is in our future.”

Isn’t that how every season should start? Subscribe to Emma’s blog so you can follow along.


Girls Athletic Wear “Made in the Carolinas”

I recently spent several hours with a film crew from TWC’s “Made in the Carolinas” series for a featured story on Dragonwing girlgear. We traveled to the North Carolina manufacturing plant where our seamless sports bras are made  and then to a soccer scrimmage and practice with our spokesperson Cindy Parlow Cone and a team of amazing teen girls.

We’re all  delighted that TWC’s “Made in the Carolinas” profile captured our mission and spirit perfectly. And we take pride in our seamless sports bras being Made in the USA, right here in North Carolina.

TWC "Made in the Carolinas" profile Dragonwing girlgear: Apparel Geared for Female Athletes

Reporter Richard Green explained part of what makes our girls athletic wear perform so well, “Dragonwing incorporates elements that wick away moisture, prevent chafing and essentially  allows girls to compete without worry.”

Soccer great Cindy Parlow Cone echoed that Dragonwing’s sports bras, compression shorts, and other athletic wear “empowers girls to be free and not worry what they’re wearing under their uniforms.”

Soccer star Cindy Parlow Cone: Dragonwing empowers tween teen girls to be free & not worry about what they're wearing under their uniforms

“Girls on the field who wear Dragonwing clothing are sold on the benefits,” said Green. Teen soccer player Sarah agreed, “It’s nice having something locally made, locally created, and something that actually fits.”

"It's nice having something locally made, locally created, and something that actually fits."

I was pleased to have the opportunity to highlight our mission of empowering girls to play — and be — their best. “We want to give girls an advantage. If their gear performs better, they will play better.”

Dragonwing athletic clothing empowers girl athletes

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It’s finally soccer season!! I can’t believe it’s here—my senior year of soccer. It’s crazy to believe that at the end of this season, I will be done with high school. Senior night will be for me.  It’s my last year in the CA jersey. Whaat.

The last time I touched a soccer ball was 10 months ago, on our last game of last season. I had no idea how good or bad I would be getting back into it. For the first 20 minutes of our first practice back, the ball definitely felt foreign, but I’ll blame it on being indoors due to the snow, not my 10 soccer-less months.

When I finally got adjusted, I remembered how much I love soccer. And competing. I had so much freakin energy and I was so ready to play 90 minutes against our biggest rivals.

We’ve got big expectations for this year. I think our team is pretty stacked, and I personally believe a state championship is in our future. We’ll see how it goes!

Tween, Mom Agree on Dragonwing

Mom & Tween Girl Sports Bra ReviewWho says that Moms and tween daughters don’t agree when it comes to undergarments, in particular bras and sports bras?!

Becky and her daughter were so pleased with the fit and performance of  the Dragonwing Mesh Racer sports bra  that she wrote an online review, entitled  “Good fit, soft material. Go by the Measurements on the Size Chart — It works!”


She’d been wearing another brand loyally, and since she’s grown taller, she needed more length in the straps. For the past several months, she’s been embarrassed by the resulting push-up effect and annoyed by the constant ride-up. She’s tried on multiple brands and models, even women’s xxs sizes for the length, but ran into the same problems everywhere: Too much bra and not enough strap. The sizes that fit her height were clearly made for larger-chested girls.


The Dragonwing sports bra offers more length and coverage without excess fabric. It truly seems proportioned for a more athletic but developing girl’s body. Also, the material on this bra is soft cotton, and both the band and straps are wider than other bras she’s tried. She finds that more comfortable, and I like that wider bands and straps offer better support for developing bodies.


We love hearing detailed feedback about our performance  athletic wear for girls. We’re 100% committed to girls getting the perfect fit and use feedback in our design and development of new products.