Bundle Up & Save!

According to the calendar, Spring may be right around the corner, but the weather is downright cold in most of the country. Here in North Carolina, we’ve had lots of snow — well, lots for us — over the past couple of weeks.

warm sports leggings, top & sports bra for girlsSoccer and lacrosse fields, running paths, and tracks may be covered with snow. But cold weather doesn’t need to keep girls from playing the sports they love. Tweens and teens can stay warm and dry — and save more than $20 — with our  special 3-piece bundle.

The Winter Weather Bundle features our warm, wicking, and super comfortable Chill Weight fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles!


– Chill Weight long leggings in black and azure. (Quantities are limited so order today!)
Chill Weight long sleeve top in azure
Mesh Racer sports bra in black and azure



Review: Tween Loves Half-Tee Sports Top

We love getting positive reviews from girls — from pre-teen and tween to teens — who love our girlgear.



tween girl feels like she can do anything in Dragonwing half tee sports topVicki is a fellow sports mom and entrepreneur, the founder of Throw Like A Girl sporty apparel for girls who love  sports. Her daughter, age 11, loves her super-comfortable Half Tee Sports Top.

“She says she feels like she can do anything in it!”

To which we enthusiastically respond, “She can!”



#LikeAGirl Shouldn’t be an Insult

Our favorite Super Bowl ad this year was a powerful, thought-provoking spot by Proctor & Gamble’s “Always,” entitled #LikeAGirl. Originally released last summer, the ad challenges viewers to think about why the phrase “like a girl” is often used to belittle, diminish, or insult.

When real girls are asked to show what it means to “run like a girl,” “throw like a girl,” or “fight like a girl,” they demonstrate the power, determination, and confidence that lives within them. They’re unaware that the phrase can have a negative connotation.

Our mission is to empower girls to play — and live — with confidence. To move, compete, play, and live unapologetically with energy, freedom, and joy.

Isn’t that what it should mean to live like a girl? #LiveLikeAGirl

Let's turn #LikeAGirl into a Compliment, not an insult